Bar consultancy

Black Pepper and Basil offer the chance for bars and restaurants to maximize their profits with minimal effort on their part by ploughing a plethora of our experience into their business.

Whether it’s putting together an exciting new cocktail list, redesigning their space, training staff, overhauling the stock list or providing suggestions to efficiently work with drinks brands.

Black Pepper and Basil is the number one choice of company to do just that.

// Brand Development
// Education & Training
// Bartender Training
// Beverage’s Consulting
// Drink’s Menu
// Cocktail’s Menu
// Bar Architecture
// Bar Management

Some of our projects....

Cais da Pedra
Bensaude Turismo – Hotel Terra Nostra
Cantinho do Avillez
Café Lisboa
100 Maneiras
Bistro 100 Maneiras
Pedro e o Lobo
Taberna Ideal
Petiscaria Ideal
Honorato- Hambúrgueres Artesanais
Faz Gostos Lx
La Cottura
La Moneda
Bistro e Bar Dromedário

Budda Lounge - Montijo
Topo - A abrir brevemente...